101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques

101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques-71
It’s about getting science and structure on your side, while unleashing your creative powers to solve the tough stuff.

This handbook examines issues of global trade from a U. standpoint, covering trade agreements, objectives, growth, balance, laws, and organizations.

Short, descriptive entries provide an adequate introduction for neophytes and students, and the lengthy annotated bibliography, while failing to list electronic sources; can be used in collection development.

Not only for business but also for personal and relationship issues too.

This practical, easy and fun to read book describes 101 creative ways to solve problems. Problem solving is a skill that is not taught in schools but is vital to living and working with others.

Other helpful works on the subject include The Basics of Foreign Trade and Exchange (Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1993) and A Basic Guide to Importing (NTC, 1994). Lib., Phoenix Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

The present work is recommended as an inexpensive addition to any global business collection. Book that covers different and creative techniques about problem solving.but I didn't know this until I read through this marvellous book.I also learned some really, really useful techniques that I can apply to creatively solve problems and ultimately make a decision. One of my favorite sayings is, "Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger." Unfortunately, we don’t always get taught the best ways to solve our problems.Some of the less effective ways include anger, blame, avoidance, curling up into a little ball, etc. Higgins This book will enhance your thinking process in terms of exercising your own creativity to solve business problems.The tools in this book can be used to bring out your own originality and expressiveness in seeking solutions. Higgins, gave real life examples of Giant Corporations that have used one or more of these problem-solving techniques. Citation by: Allie Meador Type of Reference: Handbook Call Number: 382.0973 MILHardcover: 325 pages Publisher: ABC-CLIO (July 1, 1995)Author: E. Miller Language: English ISBN-10: 0874367700ISBN-13: 978-0874367706Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 6 x 9 inches Cost: .95Content/Scope:• International trade of the United States, Chronology, Laws and regulations, Directory of trade organizations, Bibliography, Audio-visual aids.Accessibility/Diversity:• The language is easy to read and the book is organized into chapters. From Library Journal Written by a geography professor and a map librarian, this latest addition to the avalanche of international trade handbooks is a good one but not for those who seek country-by-country protocol.The good news is, you can improve your problem solving skills by using problem solving techniques.One of the most effective problem solving techniques to add to your problem solving skills cache is the Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process, or CPS for short.


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