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Therefore, it's best to answer SAT questions, even if you have to guess on some of them.Now that you've seen the overall changes, let's look at the differences on each section of the test.But for those of you who are serious about taking the test, it'll be well worth your time to read some of our more in-depth SAT guides.

The biggest change to be aware of, though, is that SAT Reading is now entirely passage-based.

All questions, even vocabulary ones, are based on passages, so it's imperative to have a solid passage-reading strategy to use on test day.

Perhaps the biggest change most students know about is the score range: on the old SAT the max score was 2400, but on the current SAT the max score is just 1600.

Finally, there is no longer a score penalty for incorrect answers on the SAT.

Moreover, the old SAT Math section did not test any trig whatsoever, whereas the current SAT has at least a few questions on trig. Here are the biggest changes to know: As you likely already know, the Essay section is optional with the current SAT, while before it was a mandatory section (and part of Writing).

Essay scoring has also changed dramatically: test takers now get three scores, each on a scale of 2-8 (so a perfect Essay score would be 8|8|8).SAT Writing has undergone some noticeable changes since the test's redesign in early 2016.Here are the most important ones to note: In regard to content changes, all questions are now based on passages (like the Reading section), and there is a bigger emphasis on sentence style, logic/flow, and punctuation.The SAT Reading section has undergone some massive changes since early 2016.Here are some of the biggest differences to note: Overall, you now have fewer questions on SAT Reading and more time per question.If you're familiar with the old SAT, here's what you must know to do well on the current version of the SAT.In this article, I'll summarize the largest, must-know changes of the SAT.In terms of content, you'll still see vocab questions, but these are more focused on medium-level vocab words and your ability to figure out their meanings in context.In addition, you need to be able to identify specific areas in passages you found your answers in.Below, I go over the major changes made to the overall SAT and to each section. This chart offers a broad overview of the biggest differences between the two versions of the SAT: take the Essay.It also combines your Reading and Writing section scores into a single Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) score.


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