8d Problem Solving Template

The business that’s utilizing the tool usually has someone (typically a quality engineer) familiar with the tool that can coach the other members of the team in its deployment.Like many lean tools the 8d originated in industry, this one within automotive but as with many of the other lean tools it can readily be deployed in most businesses.

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As with any problem-solving project, the chance of success is greatly enhanced if you prepare first, jumping straight in without knowing the facts is likely to result in reduced success.

Ok so let’s look at how we produce an 8d report in Excel.

Section b) – Interim containment actions & Root Cause Analysis This section captures interim actions via a table (I’ve included spaces for 10 actions but again you could expand as required).

For the root cause analysis out of personal choice I’ve used a table to capture the 5 Why (together with a notes block at the bottom of the section).

In the checklist I’ve included things like an FMEA, procedure update etc, this is personal preference but I like the use of a tick box here as it ensures the user follows some sort of process to go an update documentation or other following the “fix” being implemented.

For the project closure section, I’ve used merged cells to create a text box for free text entry.* They have a structure (a regimented process to follow) * They use data and facts and root cause analysis to drive the process rather than supposition and guesswork.* They make problem-solving (and remedy) as efficient as possible * They support better selection and implementation of the final corrective action.As described above the 8d tool follows a series of steps in order to work – The 8D are: 1/ Establish a team 2/ Define the problem statement 3/ Define interim containment actions 4/ Undertake root cause analysis 5/ Define the corrective actions 6/ Implement the corrective actions 7/ Implement preventative actions (so it doesn’t happen again, typically this is closing the loop updating processes, FMEA etc) 8/ Close the project and congratulate the team Using a step-based approach has a number of benefits 1.It facilitates a team approach where the whole team is aware of the process and their role in it.I like 5 why as a process, but you could use a decision tree or other if required in this space.Section c) Corrective Action(s) & Implementation For the corrective actions, I’ve used a merged cell for free text entry.While it’s often called an 8d report, 8d is, in fact, a methodology.There is an 8d process where the report (the 8d report) is the output.This reports been formatted to be able to be printed on one side of A4.To assist with this I’ve had to think about how the report is structured, place each “D” on top of each other produced a report that was too long if printed on one piece of paper so I’ve found by placing two “D’s” next to each other, you still have enough space to capture what’s required while producing a printer friendly report.


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