Analytical Essay On Schindler'S List

Analytical Essay On Schindler'S List-23
Schindler's moral growth is also seen in other aspects of his life.

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Goeth, in both his random shooting from his balcony and in his monologue to Helen in which he references the vermin stereotype, exhibits behavior that indicates his dehumanization of the Jews.

Rudolph Hoss, the commander of Auschwitz, treats Jews as commodities by offering 300 different Jews to Schindler.

One of the ways this is achieved is through black and white film.

The black and white film contrasts with the color film in the beginning and end of the movie and pushes the viewer into the past.

Furthermore, Oskar Schindler engages in denial for much of the film.

He denies Goeth's evil toward Stern and the true effects of his recruitment of Jews for his original factory.Finally, the use of handheld cameras throughout the movie to create a sense of homemade intimacy provides heightened cinematic realism.The film explores the growing virtue in Oskar Schindler.He also bribes Rudolph Hoss, the commander of Auschwitz, to let him have the exact Jewish women from his list, because he made a promise to these women to keep them from Auschwitz.makes distinct efforts to portray events realistically.The end of the movie, set in the present and in color, acts in a similar manner to the present-day interviews in documentaries.Furthermore, its nonfiction aspect - the presence of the real survivors - instills a sense of realism in the viewer.This theme is important because it stands in stark contrast to the dehumanization of the Jews. Loyalty is most prominently seen in the strong family ties that exist among the Jewish workers.Chaja and Danka Dresner are a prime example of this loyalty.The two Dresners consistently watch out for each other throughout the film.Schindler shows loyalty to his workers by ensuring that the same ones with whom he has been working are the ones put on his list.


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