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How to use this document This Lease Assignment Agreement will help set forth all the required facts and obligations for a valid lease assignment.

This essentially means one party (called the Assignor) will be transferring their rights and obligations as a tenant (including paying rent and living in the space) to another party (called the Assignee).

A Lease Assignment Agreement is a short document that allows for the transfer of interest in a residential or commercial lease from one tenant to another.

In other words, a Lease Assignment Agreement is used when the original tenant wants to get out of a lease and has someone lined up to take their place.

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Within a Lease Assignment Agreement, there is not that much information included, except the basics: names and identifying information of the parties, assignment start date, name of landlord, etc.

The reason these documents are not more robust is because the original lease is incorporated by reference, all the time.

Leasebreak: If your landlord prefers you to end your lease early (essentially “breaking your lease”) then your relationship would end with your landlord, and the new tenant would sign a brand new lease , usually for at least 12 months.

On, tenant, agents, and landlords post sublets, lease assignments, and “lease breaks”.


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