Assignment Of Rent

In order to save money, these businesses will consider a commercial lease assignment or subletting the extra space.However, there are still differences between the two.Before subletting or assigning your lease, you should review your lease agreement and talk about your options with your landlord.You can assign both residential and commercial leases.In an assignment, the assignor transfers their lease to a new tenant using a lease assignment agreement.The new tenant then takes the place of the assignor, but the former tenant is still responsible for missed rent checks and damages.A lease assignment agreement is a document that transfers a commercial or residential lease from one party to another.Thus, the language of the lease will dictate whether or not the tenant is able to assign the lease to someone else or sublet the space.If a lease doesn't contain any rules against assignment or transfer, then a tenant is allowed to assign or sublet.When a tenant needs to break a lease and has a new tenant lined up, they can use a lease assignment agreement.A lease assignment agreement contains basic information: Lease assignment agreements are pretty simple because they reference the original lease.


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