Best Colleges And Universities For Creative Writing

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From public relations to publishing, the world of English is an open book to job seekers.The ability to write and read passionately, critically, and precisely can be applied to fields like business, law, and entertainment.And if the cost of college concerns you, La Sierra offers a writing scholarship for high schoolers.

This unique partnership is especially useful for undergrads who want to earn a minor at one of the other schools in the Tri-College Consortium.

For example, English majors can polish their degree and enhance their career prospects with a minor in Linguistics from Haverford College.

You might choose to join the Undead Poets' Society, where a collaborative workshopping group for creative writers.

And all this comes with a great net price and a beautiful location in sunny Florida.

If you're entering college with a specific career goal in mind, you'll probably find the classes to support it at Arcadia.

The school offers affordable college English programs focused on real-world jobs.Whether you want to intern at a law library or an organic grocery delivery service, you're sure to find something that interests you.The English program at Augsburg is all about putting your communication skills to work — even before you graduate.Plus, you can take some truly unique courses, like Ghosts, Goblins, and Other Supernatural Creatures in Literature; Comedy!The Joy of Laughter; or the geographically appropriate Literature of Florida.Tapping into the current desire to move beyond the traditional English major canon, Occidental College is dedicated to studying the works of writers "previously excluded from traditional literary history." In practice, this means that you'll be required to take courses in "Emergent Literatures." For example, you might study the intersection of Bollywood cinema and 19th century Indian novels, or you could trace the inclusion of the racial "deviant" through various time periods.Thanks to Oxy's commitment to inclusivity, it's one of the best small colleges for an English degree that lets you study a truly diverse group of writers.All concentrations require you to take "research-intensive" courses, meaning you'll graduate with sharp research and analytical abilities.This California-based Christian college for English majors offers an emphasis in either literature or creative writing, which you can pair with an optional minor in drama (or any minor from another department).All of the programs on this ranking have estimated annual costs (as reported on College Navigator) of less than ,000 a year.But which of these is the most affordable small college for an English degree? At Bryn Mawr, advisors encourage English majors to design a course of study that's both personal and broad-reaching.


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