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One can think of the “I” as a pale reflection of the full potential of the Self, and this connection between the “I” and the Self is referred to as the I–Self connection.Like the Self, the “I” is permanent and unchangeable; it is the “inner still point that we experience as truly ourselves” (Hardy , p. Unlike the ego in Freudian thinking, the “I” is exclusively the observer and director of the individual’s actions, not the functions or roles of the personality nor a mediator between demands of the id, superego, and outer world (Haronian ). Various pathological manifestations such as phobia, obsessions, compulsive urges, and paranoid delusions.

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Perhaps more than ever before, pastoral psychologists are struggling to fit religious, spiritual, and transcendent experiences into a scientific model of the human psyche that includes unquantifiable qualities such as forgiveness, patience, good will, and courage (Slife and Richardson ).

This struggle seems to revolve around the seeming conflict between logical thought and a richer, multidimensional system of analogical thought.

It then provides qualitative findings showing that psychosynthesis counseling helped to awaken spirituality in three out of eleven clients who had formerly identified themselves as atheists.

In addition, testimonies are included that show that psychosynthesis counseling also helped all eleven clients to attain personal growth.

Psychosynthesis psychology was developed by Roberto Assagioli (1888–1974), who was a medical doctor, contemporary of Freud and Jung, and the first psychoanalyst in Italy.

In the 1960s, along with Maslow, he was one of the founders of the emerging field of transpersonal psychology, helping to define essential transpersonal concepts such as peak experiences (Maslow ).In addition to the subconscious, psychosynthesis includes a higher psychological plane, called the superconscious, from which our higher ethical, aesthetic, scientific, and spiritual values are derived.This article begins by introducing psychosynthesis concepts and techniques.Assagioli () also maintains that in addition to consciousness, the Self has transpersonal will, which is “an expression of the Self, and its action is felt by the personal self as a ‘pull’ or ‘call’” (p. In this way, the Self often compels the human personality to express higher qualities such as beauty and compassion as well as to perform actions that involve sacrifice, hardship, risk, and courage. 19) stated that the Self is “above, and unaffected by, the flow of the mind-stream or by bodily conditions,” but rather is a mystic state, a reality that has been testified to by a vast number of individuals throughout history and across cultures.Haronian ( an inner source of wisdom, altruism, growth, and creativity, which, when we are able to reach it, is a better source of guidance and direction for us than either the advice of others or the decision at which we arrive in a more intellectual way. Consequently, Assagioli asserted that the Self is not necessarily religious, dogmatic, or tied to any specific symbolic forms.The aim of this article is to reintroduce psychosynthesis psychology in the belief that it offers a psychological perspective on spiritual experience that can be put into service of the Christian faith.Psychosynthesis provides an open model of the human psyche that includes a Higher Self along with working concepts that include the human drive towards personal and spiritual growth, the basic need for relationship, various aspects of will—including a transpersonal will—and the individual’s interconnectedness to all in the universe.Simple and powerful tool for discovering the inner voices and impulses from the various subpersonalities, discovering their needs and transpersonal qualities in order to be able to integrate and strengthen the Self at the service of the Self.My job is to guide you to feel the courage that is within you to do what you already know how to do: transform your fear into inspired actions, taking care of yourself radically, engaging in conscious and responsible actions so that you can shine your own light and live the life you are destined to live, consciously and satisfactorily.The distinctive feature of Psychosynthesis Life Coaching is its emphasis on the Self, the Center of Consciousness and Will, which is above and beyond the vehicles (body, emotions and mind) through which the I expresses itself: the I can "witness as the Observer and the Director" the flow of content in consciousness and external behaviors from a detached and objective point of view.The alignment to the "Call of Self" permits the flow of energy and creativity in manifestation of life goals with emphasis on personal and transpersonal will, exploring the clients's values and highest goals by conveying vision from the realm of ideas to the practicalities of daily life, firmly anchoring it in the everyday world to create specific and practical changes in the way of living and acting.


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