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They view themselves negatively as a social object.

In addition, they overestimate the negative consequences of a social encounter, believing that they……

Introspection forms no essential part to its methods nor is the scientific value of its data dependent upon the readiness, which they lend themselves to interpretation in terms of consciousness.

The behaviorist, in his effort to get a unitary scheme of animal……

These include ideas like soul, mind, ego, will, self and personality.

Skinner, instead, suggests that psychologists should put their energies on what is observable, such as the environment and human behavior occurring in the environment (Boeree).Behaviorism in the 20th Century System of Psychology Behaviorism The purpose of this work is to provide an outline of Behaviorism, which, is a major system of psychology in the 20th Century.Further the work will provide a substantive treatment of the supportive and critical perspectives associated with the system.Person-Centered Therapy This therapy states three core conditions under which growth may occur (Mulhauser, 2011).These core conditions proceed from the assumption that a person naturally possesses the inner resources for growth. He also believes in his capability to realize his own potential for growth.Recent studies have identified multiple psychological factors that could explain the maintenance of the disorder.The model that is constructed in the article makes the assumption that social apprehension is to be associated with unrealistic social standards.Thus, many mental health disorders can now be treated almost as successfully as physical disorders.Most treatment methods for mental health disorders are either categorized as somatic or psychotherapeutic (Merck, 2004).[Read More] personality theory is based on the writings of John Watson.Behaviorism, the idea that human actions are the true indicator of human behavior, denies the existence of the mind or related mental activities.


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