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Please make sure to NOT start or end your paragraphs with quotes as this is another author's statement and shouldn't dominate the start and end of your section.For more information about how to integrate quotes and in-text citations, see Step 9: the citations section of this guide.But, below is a sample color coded body paragraph with how a functional body paragraph should look like.

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Even with facts or data that might seem perfectly relevant to anyone with a basic knowledge of a given topic, it’s best to avoid dropping into the thick of an example without a proper lead-in.

In some cases, a subordinate clause will do; in others, you might need a full sentence to introduce the supporting info of a body paragraph.

The following two examples demonstrate how topic sentences can be formatted within the context of essays that deal with aspects of the music and film industries.

Any essay that you write will draw upon numerous strands of information.

Seeing the structure above may seem simple, but actually doing it can be a bit tricky.

While it is the most common format, you are not always going to have every element in it and thus must sometimes take out parts.By following a format when composing body paragraphs, you’ll enjoy a smoother writing process and ultimately deliver work that reads easier in the eye’s of professors and anyone else in your intended audience.Each new paragraph should contain a sentence that lays out a reason for that paragraph’s place within an overall text.With each paragraph, your job is to place those strands into context with a corresponding sub-topic (mini-thesis).This will help readers understand the relevance of each new fact or example being brought to the table, regardless of how tangential such info might appear on the surface.As they will comprise the lion's share of your essay, it is with these paragraphs that you’ll explore the various ideas that relate to your thesis, as outlined at the start of your paper.With one body paragraph after another, you’ll weigh evidence that either supports or challenges the concept at stake with your thesis.From a reader’s standpoint, the contents of these paragraphs are meant to provide clarity on the ideas being discussed, such that he or she would feel confident enough to draw an informed conclusion on the matters at hand.Essentially, body paragraphs serve as the limbs, hands and feet for the title and thesis at the head of an essay.(Citation)’” This meant that the most important aspect of the Parkway was preservation and a design that would both emphasize scenic beauty and ensure that future generations would have the availability to enjoy it as well.Body paragraphs will comprise the lion’s share of an essay.


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