Burning Barn Granite City

Burning Barn Granite City-59
Crews began setting up a defensive firewall between the warehouse and the adjacent Michelin Retread warehouse in an effort to prevent the tire warehouse from catching fire.

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The fire consumed several buildings, including a warehouse more than a century old, used now for tire products. Fire crews returned to the scene Monday morning around when the fire re-kindled.

The Vandalia Warehouse complex, built of wood on the inside and brick on the outside has been reduced to rubble. Last Stand Fails It appears that the firewall, created through efforts of the Granite City Fire Department and mutual aid teams called in, has failed.

As mana becomes scarce gods sleep and finally die, unicorns get smaller and finally turn into hornless ponies, and magic becomes less and less effective and finally vanishes.

The book was published in 2000, and was followed by a sequel, Burning Tower in 2005.

Authorities won't say the fire is suspicious, but call the blaze "curious.

The Burning City is a fantasy novel of social and political allegory by American writers Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.On Sunday night Firefighters were called to the Vandalia Warehouse.They put out a small fire only to be called back hours later.The firewall represented fire crews' last stand to save the Michelin Retread building which contains thousands of tires.Fire Rapidly Spread Fire officials say efforts to contain the fire were hampered early due to the wood material inside the warehouse.It is part of the same timeline as The Magic Goes Away.The first and last parts of the novel are set in Tep's Town, on the site of modern Los Angeles.Beyond the city they find traders and Whandall founds a successful trading empire.Eventually, he returns to the city to establish a trade route there, and defeats Yangin-Atep.Recreational fires are still permitted by the code, however, there are specific guidelines for these recreational fires. A city block and a part of Granite City, Illinois history were destroyed in the massive fire today.


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