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” Therefore, the business plan for the project you want to fund must be clear and succinct.

” Therefore, the business plan for the project you want to fund must be clear and succinct.

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Begin Separate Ideas with Powerful Quotations or Images For more impact, introduce each separate topic or idea with a relevant quotation or full-screen image that evokes the topic instead of using a stock title slide.

Add a word or two about the topic if you have to, or simply say it out loud and let the quote or image support it.

Investors typically won’t see an entrepreneur more than once and often will want to listen to you present your business for no more than a couple of minutes.

Prepare a brief, compelling presentation that tells your story, describes your business and explains how you will fulfill a customer want, need or desire.

This gives your topic more impact since a strong quote or image will stick in their minds as they listen to the related material.

It also breaks up the presentation, particularly if you have no choice but to include dry material like sales graphs or bullet points in your Power Point presentation. Ask Thought-Provoking or Rhetorical Questions An effective way to convey information is to ask a question first instead of launching into the presentation material.This will get them thinking about the material in the context you want.For instance, you could say “You might wonder why ...”; “When I started to look at this issue, I asked myself ...”; or “How much longer should we ...?It will also help you shape your presentation by focusing you on that goal rather than straying from the primary purpose. Use Supporting Material Liberally Even if you establish your credibility, you also need to establish the credibility of what you say during your presentation.Instead of just presenting the material, accompany it with information that supports it and gives it credibility.Your banker will also consider the project itself and ask: “Is this the right decision for this company?Will it contribute to its profitable growth in the years to come?Presenting your business plan is an art and a science to which you must devote time if you are going to be successful as an entrepreneur.When presenting your business plan, it’s important to keep your audience in mind and target your content appropriately.So make sure your presentation is focused and fact-based.In its risk assessment, a bank will not only look at your ability to execute a project and repay the loan.


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