Business Recovery Plan Examples

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A hurricane striking St Louis is highly unlikely and garners a low overall score. Louis is near the New Madrid Fault, it’s at risk of a catastrophic earthquake affecting personnel, property and the business and thus scores very high.

To show how much this can vary from location to location, the following is based on another fictitious firm in Cheyenne, Wyoming: The key server failure keeps the same score, and Cheyenne is probably as unlikely as St. However, Cheyenne has a less than 5 percent chance of experiencing any seismic activity[1] and therefore has a very low probability of an earthquake.

See below for an example of a fictitious firm located in St.

Louis, Missouri: In the above example, a key server failure is something nearly guaranteed to happen and would have an absolute impact to the business.

As poet Robert Burns wrote in 1786, the “best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” Still, it’s best to plan out as much as possible and triage applications ahead of a disaster.

This way, your IT staff already know where to spend effort and what to put on the back burner when disaster strikes.A friend of mine lives on a high prairie ranch surrounded with highly flammable Gambel oak.Besides trimming the brush to create a defensive perimeter around his house, he has a bag prepared with important, difficult-to-reproduce documents, such as birth certificates and passports.It’s impossible to clear all valuable items from his home, so he has selectively planned to save what is the most important.Whether we’re talking about your personal belongings or your enterprise’s most valuable assets, having a plan like this is the first critical step toward an effective disaster recovery posture.But there should always be internal stakeholders asking the same questions—before disaster strikes.Recovery operations can be chaotic enough without having to triage applications’ importance on the fly.A COO originally placed priority on preserving his organization’s accounting systems; he wanted to ensure that his business was still able to bill for services even after a disaster.However, he rethought his strategy to focus on revenue-generating systems: He opted to replicate operational systems that supported customers—the systems that actually contributed to his company’s bottom line.(But most HR support systems have gone to hosted applications now, so this was less of an issue.) A disaster-recovery-as-a-solution (DRaa S) service would quickly solve the issues, regardless, providing straightforward redundancy for critical systems.Related to HR were the servers that fed training content to employees, which were relegated to the “toast” category.


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