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This project aimed to support improvements in accessing health and wellbeing services with citizens in the Kirklees area who have hearing and/or sight loss.m Habitat is supporting Professor Trisha Greenhalgh (University of Oxford) to develop a new toolkit based on the NASSS framework.What is the immediate impact on call volume when these labels are first announced and how are spikes in volume best addressed operationally? Do the types of callers to the quitline change as a result and hence, counseling protocols? Each case study highlights the methods employed to maximize reach, opportunities, challenges, and lessons learned by states and their partners.

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In addition to co-designing the strategy with people accessing and providing services, we supported Sirona to develop a sustainable model for digital innovation.m Habitat were asked by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to support their local pathfinder project.

A pathfinder is a bespoke, 12 month, funded project to co-design new ways of helping the most excluded people in England improve their health, or access to health, through digital.

Although consumer privacy was eventually compromised, Apple's response set a precedent and started an important dialogue across the business world about customer privacy and security.

m Habitat supported Sirona, a Bristol based community interest company providing NHS and local authority services, to develop an enabling digital strategy.

Apple's decision was met with praise and criticism by the public and other technology companies.

Finally, the FBI used a third party to hack the i Phone.

Important things to consider before moving forward in partnership with Medicaid are highlighted, as well as building blocks for success. These case studies can assist other states with plans to promote their quitlines during policy implementation by providing information about implementation strategies and approaches and the potential impact on quitline services. In these case studies reach refers to promotional reach, calculated using 2008 NAQC Annual Survey data, and based on the total number of unique tobacco users calling the quitline.

Please note this is not NAQC’s standard calculation of treatment reach, counting only those who receive at least some evidence-based treatment, but rather is based on the number of unique smokers calling the quitline divided by the total number of smokers in each state.

These case studies serve to celebrate GGHH members’ work and document what they have achieved.

They can also serve as the basis for generating publicity that highlights what is possible and to motivate others to join the effort.


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