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Internet sources such as Wikipedia say that giving and receiving gifts is the core of Christmas.Adrian Rogers, a Christian broadcaster, said that Americans are "..involved with other things," and we have " for Jesus."(Rogers, Adrian) Not only has the meaning of Christmas been lost due to all the focus on wanting, it has been changed to please everyone and fit secular views.

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The weather and the surroundings are a sight to behold.

During this time of the year, snowfall takes place in most of the European and American countries. This day is mostly celebrated with family and close ones.

He was believed to be the messiah of God who came down to save mankind. The most significant one being his crucification in the cross to nullify the sins of the world.

This is the reason people loved him and followed his teachings.

During the holiday season, it is easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas.

As cliché as this may sound I find it to be very truthful. September and October roll around and the season begins to change.

There seems to be a lot of pressure put on regular everyday average Americans, to celebrate, share the good will and get that perfect gift for that special some one in your life. The trees color turn light red and yellow as they begin to loose their leaves.

The temperature drops and it is soon October 31st, Halloween as we all know. Children dress up in costumes and run from door to door trying to spread And each culture has their own little twist to the holiday.

The true purpose of the holiday has been lost; people no longer care Christmas has also been changed to fit secular viewpoints.

Enormous amounts of money are spent on gifts and decorations.


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