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Not only that, the commute is nonexistent, and you typically have more flexibility on what hours you work.The downsides include a lack of separation between your personal and professional life.A computer repair business offers a certain degree of flexibility when it comes to structuring your work environment.

It takes time, planning, hustle, and money to launch a successful computer repair business.

Once you've decided you want to take the plunge, your first step should be to build up your savings.

Other financing options to consider include: Try to run the business as lean as possible, at least in the beginning, to minimize the amount of money you're borrowing.

You want to focus the majority of your efforts on building your business, not repaying debt.

Homeowner’s insurance typically excludes coverage for business property. A storefront provides brand visibility and can draw foot traffic into your business. Not only will you pay to rent or buy a space, but you may also need to pay for additional expenses, such as utilities.

If you rent your space, your landlord will likely require you to purchase general liability insurance.

It's important to build up a financial cushion in case there is not enough billable work to cover your expenses and salary when you first start your business.

Savings can keep your business afloat during those lean early months.

Ideally, you should stockpile enough cash to pay your bills for at least six to nine months before quitting your day job.

A solid business plan is the cornerstone of any successful company.


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