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Scheduling of the Oral Examination: The Thesis Supervisor in consultation with the committee members fixes a date and time for the Oral Examination.This information is conveyed to the Graduate Administrator by completing the Scheduling a Doctoral Proposal form.Format of the Oral Examination: The student is invited by the Chair to make a succinct presentation (15-20 minutes) to the committee members.

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This form should be completed at least 4 weeks prior to the proposed date of the Oral Exam.

In addition to the Committee members, the Oral Exam will require a Chair, who is a faculty member at SCS familiar with the rules and regulations of SCS and the FGPA.

The Chair of the Oral Examination Committee documents the results using the official grading sheets provided by the Graduate Administrator.

Once approved, the Doctoral Thesis Proposal is considered as a contract and must be placed in the students file with the Graduate Administrator.

It is the responsibility of the Thesis Supervisor to find a Chair for the examination.

The Graduate Administrator will then prepare a formal notice of the Oral Examination.The Oral Examination typically runs for 60-90 minutes.Grading of COMP 6908: After the Oral Examination, the committee members deliberate on the acceptability of the Doctoral Thesis Proposal.Upon approval by the Graduate Director, the student can register in COMP 6908.Once registered in COMP 6908, the student must maintain continuous registration in this course until completed.Registration in COMP 6908: The Thesis Supervisor must submit a Doctoral Proposal Committee form at least three months prior to the Thesis Proposal Oral Examination and well before the last date for registration for that term.The form should indicate the names of the committee members and is submitted to the Graduate Administrator.The candidate is responsible for sending the research proposal to the committee two weeks before the oral presentation, and should notify and get the approval the Office of Research and Graduate Affairs once the committee has been established.The Ph D in Computer Science committee need not be the same as the Candidacy Examination committee, but it follows the same requirements and must be approved by the Office of Graduate Studies.The Thesis Proposal must clearly identify what are the expected contributions of the final dissertation and how these contributions will be validated.Doctoral Thesis Proposal Committee: The Thesis Supervisor should establish a Ph. Doctoral Thesis Proposal Committee comprising of three to five faculty members before the end of the 5th term of the initial registration.


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