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“Without a sense of a true good in relationships,” she says, “we don’t know to what we consent. then types into his or her phone what he or she will agree to, and a bar code is generated.

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The reports that phone apps, such as the recently introduced u Consent, “allow potential sexual partners to tell each other what level of physical intimacy they are comfortable with and record their eventual agreement so there is no misunderstanding.” The process works this way: One person types what he or she is requesting into the app . The ’s Bennett points out, for example, that men and women have “wildly different understandings of consent.” In one study, 61 percent of men said they rely on nonverbal cues to indicate whether a partner consents, while only 10 percent of women said they actually give consent through body language.

And since persuasion is part of the sexual game, many men just take “no” as a reason to try harder, Bennett adds.

Schneiderman defended his actions by appealing to our culture’s one-dimensional standard of consent.

“In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity,” he said in a statement before announcing his resignation.

A 2015 -Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that at least 40 percent of current or recent college students believe that undressing, getting a condom, or nodding “yes” establishes consent for sexual activity.

Conversely, at least 40 percent said those same actions do not.

Bennett also observes that a woman’s decision to consent “isn’t always black and white.” Given the difficulty of knowing what she is consenting to, a woman may well become caught up in the whim of a moment—which is hard to explain to herself or the man involved, and liable to change suddenly.

This inconsistency reflects the inevitable confusion surrounding what does and does not qualify as consent. become impossible to explain,” philosopher Roger Scruton has observed.

article likewise confirms that women face pressure to engage in sex even in the most fleeting of encounters. There’s an App for That”—advises women to “decide what you want in advance,” including “the type of sex” or “whether you want it to be casual or part of a continuing relationship.” Then, it suggests, If you have a date but don’t want to have sex that night, tell the person beforehand. “I am eager to go out with you tonight but have to get home early.” This will make sure everyone is on the same page. The next frontier in twenty-first-­century romance: trying to find the magic moment to pop the cell phone app question.

In other words, a woman who doesn’t want to have sex must not only expect to apologize for but to defend her decision. Technology (of course) is coming to the rescue of men and women who want to get their consent on record. The #Me Too movement has revealed the treacherous nature of a central tenet of the sexual revolution—that women can enjoy casual sex with men who want their bodies but don’t care about their welfare.


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