Critical Thinking Games For Students

Each player begins with two roads and two settlements.They roll dice to gain resources—including lumber, stone, wool and brick—that can be used to build roads and homes and other things needed for the settlement.

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Activity 4: Higher-order thinking activity stations Activity stations are a fun way to have students complete a range of tasks.We recently had an interview with Scott Houston, an education consultant at Educators Cooperative.Scott has played a part in the evolution of Classtime’s gamification solution (Collaborative Challenges), sharing insights from his years of experience working with teachers and schools to innovate the classroom and create a more personalized learning environment for students.This card game helps kids predict their friends’ preferences and build social skills and vocabularies. The judge plays a green apple card with an adjective written on it.The other players choose one of their nouns to go with the adjective.Here’s where critical thinking comes in: In each round of play, there are increasingly tougher restrictions on the clues players can give. In Round 2, players are only allowed to use one word to describe each person. This award-winning game teaches your child to plan and strategize.Players are settlers in a new land and need to build the most successful society.Those resources can also be traded with other players.Kids have to keep track of their resources, settlements and what other players are doing.The stations can be prompted by activities from the books as essential reading.You will find lots more activities, hints, tips and tricks inside to help you get through the coming school year—and all the years ahead!


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