Critical Thinking Self Assessment Test

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Although critical thinking tests primarily measure cognitive ability, there is often a learned, developable aspect to critical thinking, which allows individuals to improve their critical thinking skills, and subsequent scores on critical thinking tests.

Candidates taking critical thinking tests may also be required to complete other assessments, which may include personality, situational judgement or other aptitude tests.

Using critical thinking, what can you conclude from this?

You cannot conclude that psychology courses improve interpersonal sensitivity. There are a number of alternative explanations for the correlation.

To purchase: Personal assessments for children and adults can be accessed through our app, Critical Thinking Insight. Use it to view sample test questions, to learn more about your leadership potential or thinking mindset, or to demonstrate your thinking skills .

If you’re looking for an assessment that reports on the thinking skills and mindset of groups of individuals, contact Insight Assessment to discuss options.

Given these choices, 78% preferred program D, with the remaining 22% opting for program C.

Programs A and C are effectively identical, as are programs B and D. The only way to falsify an "if X, then Y" statement ("if vowel, then even number") is by finding an instance of "X and not Y" ("vowel and odd number").

Personal Assessments for children and adults include: Are you looking for ways to identify your strengths and weaknesses in problem solving?

Are you looking for a critical thinking test for your children?


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