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The main causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan are summarized as follows: Overdeveloped state structure, political instability, military intervention, massive corruption, lack of accountability, weak infrastructure, feudal dispensation, institutional crises, constitutional crises, strong bureaucracy, low level of political socialization, extremism, weak civil society and absence of mature leadership.

Pakistan has been facing this challenge since independence.

The monopolization and centralization of power have creating a lot of problem for Pakistan. Political instability is the main threat to democratic process.

Today Pakistan is the one of the newest democracies since 2008, with the first democratic elections held in 2013 to complete a 5-year term for the first time in its political history.

As of current status, Pakistan is also the 5th largest and is also the largest Majoritarian democracy and (non-liberal) in the world and perhaps considered as one of the world's larger Islamic democracies in the Muslim world as opposed to a modern liberal democracy, such as modern Republic of Turkey, with its western orientated values.

It creates unnecessary barriers in the process of democracy.

Pakistan has been facing this menace since independence.

Since its independence, Pakistan's democratic system has fluctuated between civilian and military governments at various times throughout its political history, mainly due to political instability, civil-military conflicts, political corruption, and the periodic coup d'états by the military establishment against weak civilian governments, resulting in the enforcement of martial law across the country (occurring in 1958, 19, and led by chief martial law administrator-generals Ayub Khan, Zia-ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf respectively).

Democracy in Pakistan, however imperfect, has been allowed to function to varying degrees.

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The initial years of Pakistan was encircled with multitudes of crises.


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