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Sutherland believes that criminal behavior is learnable and learned with the interaction of other deviant peers and through this association they not only learn techniques of certain crimes, but also the rational and motive behind them (Sutherland 1974). Strain theory, which was Merton’s sociological contribution to criminology, says that crime is the function of the conflict between the goals people have and the means they can use to legally obtain them. Attachment refers to the extent to which a person is attached to others.

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Sutherland asserts that the excess of definitions favorable to deviance over definitions unfavorable to violation of law makes a person become a deviant while associating with other persons. "Criticisms of the General Theory of Crime." Yahoo. Attachment has been confused as the strength of an internal, emotional bond that perhaps may grow more intense without interaction, but this is not the case. By commitment, Hirschi did not mean a deep, internal dedication of the self to others. Involvement, according to Hirschi would keep a person’s time occupied so they would not be able to indulge in criminal activities.Someone that’s involved in work, activities or other positive things would not have time to commit deviant acts. You can use this password for unlimited period and you can share it with your friends! Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password.A person don’t want to lose all he/she has worked all their life to obtain, whether it’s a good reputation, valuable education, good relationship with family etc.A person will have a substantial lose by violating laws.Primary attachments include parents, peers, teachers, religious leaders and other members of the community.Commitment is the rational component in conformity in other words, people fear law breaking behavior.


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