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There is a sufficient number of colleges that don’t require essays anymore.

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However, schools that have selection criteria often do ask or recommend students to write essays if they are borderline applicants so that they could offer additional information about themselves and why they think they would be an excellent fit at a college despite not meeting the academic criteria.In order to stand out among other applicants you just need to be a little more creative in figuring out how to tell your story.Find out where you stand within the range of the typical admitted students of the college to provide a confidence level that will help you get enrolled.Some colleges believe that by making the admission procedure easy and asking only test scores, a transcript, and basic information, they will draw more applicants.Colleges that present their application procedure as an easy choice to more difficult procedures that ask for essays, recommendations, etc., may draw students who are doubting whether or not to apply to schools at all.If all the schools you want to apply to do not require you to submit an essay, that is great.But if there is a school of your dreams that requires you to submit one or even two short essays, don’t let it stop you from applying.This number includes both two-year establishments (1,700) and four-year establishments (around 3,000).Most of these establishments don’t actually ask you to submit an essay during the application process.About 20% of 600 colleges won’t make you write an essay during your common application process.Some of the colleges at the same time may require an essay with their own additional applications.


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