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Welcome to this edited writing seminar about juries, which will focus on what empirical research can tell us about juries and how they function. Sign up for the course TWEN page (it’s called “Judging the Jury”) 2.Read through the Syllabus and the additional information about written assignments (TWEN/Syllabus) 3.Learning from Practice: Introduction – For Students and Chapters 1 and 2 (“Introduction and Charting Your Path to Success- Professional Development Planning”), pp. 1-32 How to Succeed as a Lawyer The textbook for the class Is Thompson, Leshy, Abrams & Zellmer, Legal Control of Water Resources (Am.

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Let me further explain the following: First Class- Thursday afternoon (3:pm), January 12, 2016, Hillcrest Rm First Assignment- Prof.. Head, Global Business Law (4th ed, 2018) (Coursebook or “CB”), pp 4-14 (pay particular attention to the chart on pg. You need to check to see you do not have an exam course conflict as we are not permitted to change the exam date because of a conflict.

8), plus carefully review the Course Syllabus (on Twen course site) Twen course site- This course site will be opened on Dec. Course Syllabus: I will put the Course Syllabus on the Twen course site and will bring hard copies to the first class.

Please pick up a copy of (1) the study problems and (2) the handout materials (cases and rulings), on the west side of the second floor of Storey Hall next to room 207 (will be available beginning Wednesday, January 9th).

The first class will meet on Tuesday, January 15th. Then go to Lesson 11A (Type A Reorganizations beginning on page 67), read the first five cases in the handout materials, and work problem 1 on page 68 (skip the alternatives in problem 1). Bring your Code and Regulations to the first class.

(4) Answer the Online Diagnostic Test (MBE Pre-test): upload to the Matrix system by pm on Sunday, January 13.

To access the MBE Pre-test, access the “Link to Take MBE Pre-Test” in the MBE Pre-Test module on Matrix (the first module in the Matrix classroom).

Here’s a summary: Images of the Jury: In our first class, we will talk about images of the jury in historical accounts, literature, social science, film, news stories, blogs, cartoons, jokes, and more. It could be a story about a recent (or ancient) legal case decided by a jury, a favorite movie or TV episode that features the jury, a You Tube video, a comic, a news story about a jury, a blog post rant about juror stupidity, a heartfelt account of a person’s experience on jury duty, a research study on jury decision making. 931-46 in Sullivan & Feldman, Constitutional Law (19th ed.). Then check the Syllabus posted there for Topic One and prepare the Assignment for Class One.

No later than noon on Sunday, January 13th, post to our course TWEN site (under “Images of the Jury”) and bring a copy to class if possible or send me a link, an example of a depiction of a jury. Accompanying the image or depiction, please write and attach a paragraph about what you think the image says about trial by jury. Be prepared to discuss what historical & comparative perspectives tell us about the multiple functions of the jury trial as an institution. Read the one-page Introduction to Civil Procedure (TWEN/Assigned Readings/Overview) 3. Read pages 3-38 of the Glannon textbook (this is where you get the court system and lawsuit overviews) 5. I have also posted the Power Point slides that we will use in class for the overviews (TWEN/Overview). For our first class next Monday, please read Chapter 1 (pp. There will be a class discussion that will serve as a foundation for the course so be prepared to participate.

Class Transparencies: I will try to put my class transparencies on Twen in advance of each class, and will try to bring hard copies to class.

Please note that I am estimating what we will cover; actual coverage will be based on the pace of the class as we move through the materials. Read the “First-Day Handouts” (5 items) Law & Medicine: Health Law: Read CB (“The Law of Health Care Organization and Finance,” 8th ed.) pp.


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