Ecofeminism Essay

The term was popularized through its use in protests against environmental destruction.

According to Charlene Spretnak: Ecofeminism grew out of radical or cultural feminism, which holds that identifying the dynamics behind the dominance of male over female is the key to comprehending every expression of patriarchal culture with its hierarchical, militaristic, mechanistic and industrialist forms.

In separating nature from persons, humanity creates a concept of nature which is made up of dead, unintelligent matter. While ecofeminists have made many connections between women and nature, the three ties that most strongly bind them are empirical, the conceptual and epistemological.

Empirical data supports the notion that women often bear the responsibility of feeding and caring for their children while maintaining a household.

There are countless ways of viewing the environment.

In modern societies, it is important to consider the ways in which we connect with nature as industrial practices move us away from the earth and as biodiversity is lost.

Ecofeminism puts forth the idea that life in nature is maintained through cooperation, mutual care and love.

It is an activist and academic movement, and its primary aim is to address and eliminate all forms of domination while recognizing and embracing the interdependence and connection humans have with the earth.

The idea was to change the way people think at their core instead of only changing laws, policies or institutions, which can often have superficial results, as they do not address fundamental attitudes and assumptions that underlie ideology.

As Spretnak states: We [ecofeminists] support and join our sisters fighting for equal pay, for battered women’s shelters, for better child care, and for all the efforts to stop the daily exploitation and suffering of women.


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