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The culture of the company has also been a contributing factor in my decision to apply.My research has shown me that your company values creativity, innovation and respect for the individual.If you don’t pique their interest and qualify yourself right away, you may lose your reader.” She points out that there’s the glimmer of a narrative at the start of the second paragraph, which could be spun into a concrete story about why I’m interested in ” instead of “just describing your responsibilities or accomplishments.

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“One solution would be to call out some of your key points as bullets–highlighting the qualities, accomplishments, or skill sets most relevant to the role.” Here are three she distilled from my original letter: New American Library | Richard Bellis, Production Editor Candidate [email address] • [phone number] Dear Claire Zion [VP, editor-in-chief of Berkley/NAL], New American Library has been top of mind for me from the moment I picked up a copy of [title of a book published by the imprint that you’re familiar with].In particular, I have a great interest in the new forms of communication that have been created and the legal rights that go with them.Publishing had remained largely unchanged until the arrival of the Internet which has, not only created new opportunities for distribution through alternative outlets, but also novel products in themselves.Leavy-Detrick thinks the bigger problem is where I basically invite them to negotiate me down (I recall worrying I’d price myself out–by asking for a whopping ,000) before even meeting me.And my call to action is simply for the hiring manager to “feel free to contact me,” as opposed to a more self-assured request for an actual interview. I asked Leavy-Detrick and Martin to take a merciless red pen to my cover letter, and they graciously obliged.(Incidentally, I once rewrote my brother’s resume for him in Chaucerian verse, but that’s another story.) “Be quirky and professional at the same time,” she advises.Leavy-Detrick suggests that every job applicant embrace an element of storytelling.Your cover letter is a chance to show employers why you’re the ideal candidate for the role.As such, you need to make a great first impression.I thought I could spot my cover letter’s main failings–it’s overly long, way too formal, and pretentious as all hell (don’t worry, you’ll see it in full in a moment)–but Dana Leavy-Detrick, chief creative scribe at Brooklyn Resume Studio, and Katy Martin, career developer at Dev Bootcamp Chicago, uncovered quite a few more issues.“The document ultimately struck me as verbose and methodical,” says Martin. After all those words, she said, she still had “a difficult time picturing who this candidate is, and seeing a unique profile that really grabs my attention.” In other words, I had no personality.“Cover letters are intended to show you off and really captivate the reader,” Martin adds.“I know one candidate who got a job offer because the cover letter was a playwright-style script of the candidate and an interviewer talking.” I worry something like that might’ve come off as hokey had I tried it, but point taken.


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