Essay Creative Thinking Saves The Day

Watching someone work in creative ways can help you learn to be more creative yourself.

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They want creative employees who will help them solve work-related issues.

Therefore, when applying for jobs, highlight your ability not only to think creatively, but to use your creativity to solve an important issue.

Communication People will only appreciate your creative idea or solution if you can communicate it effectively to the people you work with (or your clients or vendors).

Therefore, you need to have strong written and oral communication skills.

They bring a fresh, and sometimes unorthodox, perspective to their work.

This way of thinking can help departments and organizations move in more productive directions.Organization This might seem counterintuitive: aren’t creative people known for being somewhat disorganized?Actually, organization is an important part of creativity.Employers in all industries want employees who can do this.Creative thinking means looking at something in a new way.While these are all creative endeavors, not all creative thinkers are artists.Many jobs require creative thinking, including positions in the worlds of business and science.This requires the ability to examine things carefully to understand what they mean.Whether you are looking at a text, a set of data, a lesson plan, or an equation, you need to be able to analyze it first.For these reasons, they are extremely valuable to a company.If there is someone in your industry who is known for being creative, you might to try to connect with that person and ask for an informational interview, or ask to job shadow him or her for a day.


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