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The junior division Global Peace Prize was won by Alan Zhou and Kyler Wang from Stoller Middle School in Oregon. In the senior division, the winner was a website created by Forest Hill Eastern High School students Claire Parish and Kyle Korte. Learn more about USIP and the Global Peace Prize, including articles written for the annual NHD Theme Book.Their documentary, “The Pig War: Confrontation, Escalation, Arbitration,” highlighted the important role that international arbitration played in resolving a territorial dispute between the U. They highlighted the evolution in the views of Senator Arthur Vandenberg from isolationism to multilateralism, and the policy consequences as he sought to promote and protect U. For 27 years, the National Peace Essay Contest promoted serious discussion among high school students, teachers, and national leaders about international peace and conflict resolution today and in the future.

Now, USIP is building upon the legacy of the NPEC (which was wrapped up in 2014) by partnering with other organizations on a range of initiatives that inspire students to learn more about global peacebuilding and to put their own good ideas into action.

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Starting in 1987, USIP challenged students to think critically about global issues of conflict and peace through the National Peace Essay Contest (NPEC).

Institute of Peace (USIP) is committed to educating the next generation of peacebuilders about the U. role in preventing and resolving conflicts around the world, and about the important part that young people can play as engaged global citizens.

Each year, the World Affairs Council of America (WACA) engages more than 4,000 high school students across the U. in their signature quiz contest that tests their knowledge of global issues and foreign policy in 10 categories.

Since 2016, USIP has been a co-sponsor of this national contest, ensuring the inclusion of a peace and conflict category in Academic World Quest.

In 2018, the students studied “The Peacebuilding Toolkit” to learn how proven skills, projects, and activities are applied to prevent and resolve violent international conflict.

Students from Plano West Senior High School in Texas took first place at the national competition after attending a welcoming reception at USIP in April 2018.

Some cause and effect examples: fast food affects waistline. And a really simple one—walking in the rain makes your clothes wet.

At the same time, detecting cause and effect relationships is not that easy when it comes to the choice of a good cause and effect essay topic.


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