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As the trials scaled higher levels, she found satisfaction from the trials because she went from being just another powerless member of society to becoming her own individual and holding the most dangerous and grand power of all.“Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices” Voltaire.The majority culture in Salem achieved its dominance by controlling social institutions such as communication, educational institutions, artistic expression, law, political process, and business in this society.

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The judges are driven by the major culture which is religion and to them justice to God is being performed in this trials.

In reality the judges chose to be blind to the truth in order to conserve their dignity and therefor demonstrated the deterioration of not only dignity and justice but the morals in which the society was built upon.

This is critical because it clearly shows that individuals feel like court is a place for hypocrisy and lies instead of justice.

They realized that they can no longer expect justice from the majority rule.

Proctor demonstrates hesitation and by doing so he shows that even he would rather save his reputation than to aid the cause of justice.

This makes it clear that no one can expect justice from the majority culture and thus hints to the deterioration of a sense of fairness and dignity in a society where justice and trust, apart from religion, is the basis of its structure.The standards for individuals in the society are significantly more severe depending on gender.Women in Salem are expected to be docile and obedient, any other behavior is considered unholy and immoral, thus demonstration another example of the limiting factors on individuality in the society.As soon as Abigail gained the individuality that she longed for, her dignity deteriorated to the point of committing injustices.The deterioration of justice in Salem was well represented by the unjust sense of guilty until proven innocent that defined the court’s process of determining the outcomes of the trials.The Salem witch trials were a result of the lack of expression of individuality and the fact that no individual could expect justice from the majority culture as a result of the deterioration of human dignity in the Puritan society of Salem.The Puritan religion intertwined relation with daily social and state affairs of Massachusetts’s citizens, limited the chance to portray individuality and led to the deterioration of dignity and justice.He states “I falter nothing, but I may wonder if my story will be credited in such a court.I do wonder on it, when such a steady-minded minister as you will suspicion such a woman that never lied, and cannot, and the world knows she cannot! In this quote, Proctor points out that even figures that portray justice such as Hale himself are suspecting the most respectable figures in the society, figures that portray an unquestionable amount of human dignity.This is the kind of book that gives you a deeper insight into the society that we live in.We are able to see ourselves through the roles that are played by different individuals in the play, and how they carry out their roles.


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