Essay Nervous Conditions By Tsitsi Dangarembga

Nyasha also knows that she has become an educated woman with limited choices for expansion and her liberal British education in the end makes her mentally tired.British education for Tambu is a necessity and being able to speak to be educated in English: "constitutes the utterance of intelligence -- both within and outside of the colonized country". When Tambu makes the effort to change her status it is Nhamo who tries to destroy her dreams and their father does not support her either.

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However in the case of Africa, education was forced on the population, especially western education.

Education is often regarded as beneficial for people and necessary for advancement where people willingly accept to get educated.

Although the Africans had an established medium of education, western education came to replace it and this education under the fa�ade of benefiting the society was there to exploit the people.

Western education destroyed the people's culture exploiting their intellect and their labor.

The two cousins, Tambu and Nyasha, are almost the same age but they have been raised in very different environments.

While Nyasha was getting her primary education in England effortlessly, Tambu fought against her father, brother and the whole system in order to study at school.She respects her father and brother in a way she was taught but she never understands the patriarchal hierarchy in the family.At the age of eight she starts to be aware of her marginal status and she asks her brother, Nhamo, why she cannot go to school.The answer she gets is clear but not satisfiable: “It’s the same everywhere. From this moment she becomes determined to change her position and she starts doing it by making her own money for the primary education from the maize she grows in her garden.“Symbolically, it is also an attempt to define herself in a male world” (Uwakweh n. In Tambu’s life this is the first and major step towards her escape as by making money from the maize she can break free from the environment of inequality by going to school and also prove to her parents that she can pay for her education when they are not able to.Under his supervision her social status does not change as she is still growing up to be a good wife “because there is nothing that pleases parents more than to see their own children settled in their own families” (89) as Babamukuru says.So even the education is getting her ready for the marriage.According to Moyana, Nhamo stands for patriarchy and sexism in this novel because he not only destroys Tambu’s effort to get to school by ruining her garden but he also bullies both sisters around when making them carry his luggage and therefore, he practices sexism and male chauvinism on both (28).Tambu successfully resists the oppression from her brother when she ignores him; however, as a child of eight she does not understand the gender roles and the unjust treatment.Their father provides no encouragement for Tambu either but quite the opposite as he says: “Can you cook books and feed them to your husband? He defines Tambu’s future role of a wife and mother and does not let her wish for anything more than is her gender role.The actions and comments from the men in Tambu’s family make her question things and ideas of the society.


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