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In fact, instead of a straight table reading, Taymor required months of musical rehearsals with the cast ahead of time and as the sound mixer noted on the DVD, regarding her tendency to show up with a new idea nearly every day, undaunted by the prospect of constant re-imagination and writing, Taymor is “probably the most creative director I’ve ever worked with.” Hoping for as she said an “explosion of color and emotion,” Taymor proved extremely unafraid of experimentation in terms of staging, cinematography and throughout every aspect of the process that makes the film a truly sensory experience where one is able to peel away more petals as if it’s a flower with each new viewing.

While to the untrained film-going eye, little touches utilized throughout such as the one in “Strawberry Fields” may feel simply natural, deceptively simple or glossed over as we’re swept up in her mind-boggling artistry, to those with backgrounds in film and theatre, one can only remain in awe of the boldness, tenacity, and courage of this wholly original work.

She told Coming that it wouldn't have had the epic scope or been made the same way it was, if the film had been confined to the stage.

For proof, check out this clip below which opens the film as the Paul Mc Cartney handsome yet John Lennon inspired Liverpool based dockworker Jude (’s Jim Sturgess) recalls the events of the film which will follow in a flashback.

All we do know is that the visible Universe is at least 93 billion light years across.

(A light year is the distance light travels in one year – about 9 trillion km.) The Universe has not always been the same size.It showcases, amidst an often wandering narrative, the most important songs of the band’s career.The story follows Jude’s relationship with Lucy, set against the backdrop of the Vietnam war.Each face is a replica of the last and their hands grab him with an almost machine-like precision as they strip him of his clothes before he is shoved off the belt into a holding room. This resemblance is closely linked to the action they are taking- shoving a man down a conveyer belt.The Universe is everything we can touch, feel, sense, measure or detect.While critical reaction was mixed overall, the film did appear on some notable Top Ten Lists and earned one of its greatest champions in Roger Ebert who wrote that overwhelming as Beatles references can be found in every single frame of the film from lyrics spoken as dialogue, plot points, even down to the names of the primary characters.The cast includes: Jim Sturgess’s mop-topped Jude (“Hey Jude”), Joe Anderson’s mischievous Maxwell (“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”), star Evan Rachel Wood’s sweet, pretty Lucy (“Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”) T. Carpio’s sexual orientation troubled “Prudence,” (“Dear Prudence”), Martin Luther Mc Coy’s Jimi Hendrix inspired Jo-Jo (“Get Back”) Dana Fuchs' Janis Joplin clone Sadie (“Sexy Sadie”).However, despite the previous clip which illustrates what can be done in post-production when one has the ability to play around in the editing room, Taymor did elect to take some of her theatrical techniques along with her by recording 90% of the songs live on set (IMDb) instead of having the actors lip-synch each one as is Hollywood tradition.And this firm belief in filming things live as though the actors were starring in a Broadway show meant that in a complicated duet such as “Strawberry Fields Forever” which finds one character in America and one in Vietnam, they’re shot simultaneously with footage being transposed on another so that it all unfolds as it happens in a Beatles homage (DVD).Completely, caught up in the artistry, I’d sung her praises early on in the hopes of an Oscar push, writing: reported, not everyone was as thrilled by Taymor’s experimentation and big budget art-film approach as in a shockingly unprecedented power play, before the film was scheduled to open, the Sony-based Revolution Studios producer Joe Roth seized control of the cutting room and made his own thirty minute shorter version of the film.Although, as Waxman continued, according to a source close to the director, this move left Taymor reeling and “considering taking her name off the movie,” ultimately, although she hasn’t commented on the situation, the final release is Taymor’s original vision.


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