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With the information you receive on the internet you also have to determine if it’s creditable.The reason being is because some sites allow other to change information as they see fit, and however most are known for entering their opinions and not the facts.Internet vs Television The internet is more convenient than television when it comes to knowledge.

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As well know , there is always a lot of pressure being put on the students.

They have to work hard and get a good result after studying, they have to face the fierce compitition between each other in the society, they will be nervous before a big examinatin, some can not even fall asleep for that. BY watching funny programs, they will be relaxing and earn more encourage to face their pressure and difficulties.

What’s more, it is the duty of government to prevent the bad programs from appearing on television.

I believe that if the whole society cooperate well, watching television is an absolutely good thing for the students.

It is like a magical crystal ball which has an answer for every The news will provided at least one piece of information that you didn’t know and that you may find useful in the future.

I personal like the news on television because it keeps me updated on things that’s going on in the world.

Some people say that the advertisements are uesless to students, but they don’t know the advertisement has its own strong point.

When the students watching those advertisements, their sense organisations are being well trained, also does it help them know more about the world outside.

What we should do is to guid the students to use television properly.

Parents should control the time well for their children to watch television programs, also should them supervision what kind of program they are watching, and help them build the right view of the outside world so that they will do their work in a correct way.


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