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The Bernie Sanders Democrat very often doesn't even call himself or herself a Democrat, preferring terms like progressive or democratic socialist or, increasingly, registering as an independent, as Sanders himself does.Although you find them everywhere, this species of left-of-center voter predominates among the under-30 electorate, in cities and especially in gentrifying neighborhoods; it tends to be somewhat more male than female.These fissures help explain why Obama is such a significant figure — both in 2008 and again today, as he reappears in Philadelphia and elsewhere seeking to whip up enthusiasm and bring some unity ahead of November.

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I know upstate NY’ers and how they think especially the black folks. She feels that Cuomo was smeared by elites and she loves Tish James because, ya know black woman.

She’s not on Twitter barely uses a cell...— The taste of white racists’ tears is delish🤤 (@epitomee) September 14, 2018 "Progress for my parents did not happen until a Democrat, and that was Lyndon Johnson" — who signed the 1965 Voting Rights Act that propelled dreams of African-American political empowerment, Mignon told me when I reached her this week by phone.

There is a huge disconnect within the Democratic Party right now — a rift that was critical to 2016's shock election of President Trump.

The re-emergence of the one modern Democrat who could glue many of these broken pieces together — Barack Obama, who brings his energetic push for the party's 2018 candidates to Philadelphia on Friday — and a looming midterm election in which anger over an autocratic president can be channeled into state and local races are likely to paper over this Democratic family feud … But when voters wake up on November 7, they'll hear the gong to start the sure-to-be-insane national election of 2020, with as many as 20 or more candidates from delusional billionaires to congressmen you've never heard of prepared to yank hard on every gaping fault line within the party of Andrew Jackson, FDR and JFK.

Those cleavages could give Trump a second term in much the same unlikely way that he won his first one.

And yet when you put your ear to the ground and listen to the Democratic rumblings, the various sides still don't understand each other, or even know how to talk to each other without yelling.Good article @Will_Bunch but an addendum to the John Lewis democrat is needed.These folks are church going, 1st/2nd generation college graduates, black Greeks and affiliated with organizations such as Jack & Jill, NAACP, 100 Black Men/Women or Eastern Stars/Masons— The taste of white racists’ tears is delish🤤 (@epitomee) September 20, 2018 There's many caveats.The Berniecrats still think establishment Dems are addicted to Wall Street money.Post-Trump, some core Democrats have looked at the suburban "resistance" with a jaundiced eye, wondering why these women weren't "woke" to America's flaws before 11/8/16.(Indeed, John Lewis himself endorsed Hillary at first, then switched.) When white voters delivered the Iowa caucus to Obama, many African-Americans realized that Obama could be the fulfillment of LBJ's 1965 Voting Rights Act.That's how Obama bridged the deepest divides among the Democrats, and it's hard to see who will repeat that.If you only get your political news from Twitter (spoiler alert: bad idea), you can be slightly forgiven if you bet your life's savings on the notion that progressive upstart Cynthia Nixon — former star of TV's "Sex and the City" — was going to oust New York's two-term governor Andrew Cuomo in a Democratic primary earlier this month.This Nixon seemed like The One for capturing the supposed zeitgeist of 2018 — merging a Trumpian type of high-def celebrity with boldly left-wing or even socialist stances on a range of policy issues.Hundreds of thousands of voters in New York City's outer boroughs — heavily black or Latino, working class folks who are making ends meet and not spending 12 hours a day on Twitter — delivered Cuomo his 30-point margin.Nixon's landslide defeat came as no surprise to a lifelong Democrat we'll call Mignon (her middle name) — a 48-year-old black woman who now lives in northern California but grew up in Buffalo and wrote a Twitter essay the morning after the primary about how her parents were two enthusiastic voters who supported the Democratic establishment and what a New York Daily News headline writer would call "Status Cuo-mo." I’m a Buffalonian.


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