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Conflicts ensue between farmers, municipalities, environmentalists, and others over water rights.

Recently, environmentalists battled with Los Angeles over the diversion of water from Mono lake to the LA basin.

Overpopulation – The Worlds Problem The world’s population will soon reach a level where there will not be enough resources to sustain life as we know it. Many environmental, social, and economic problems either stem from or are increased in magnitude by the overpopulation problem.

With an exponentially increasing population, the problems created by overpopulation grow correspondingly.

150 million children in the world suffer from poor health due to food shortages (Turbak, 20).

Another resource, which cannot keep up with an increasing population, is water. The recent California drought exemplifies this problem.The Mono Lake incident and the aqueduct fights highlight some of the conflicts that arise over water. A swelling population may have to turn to desalinization for their clean water.Oil-rich Saudi Arabia is the only country for which this process has had any success.Today, there are about 600,000 people in each district (Oberlink).The only alternative would be increasing the number of representatives, however this would only decrease congresses’ efficiency.Social funding per capita is also reduced when the population grows. In 1990 there were 5.7 million children enrolled in California’s K-12 schools, while there will be 7.9 million in 2000 (Bouvier 41).“Our secondary school population is growing by 177,000 a year. of Education projects that 35,333 new classrooms, or approx.Besides causing the environmental strains on the earth, overpopulation causes a large number of the social problems in today’s society.One example of this is described in the recent study by Ohio State University showing that children whose family sizes were larger did worse in school.Trying to increase the standard of living of its people, China has industrialized and the economy has grown (Hanson).This increase in wealth has increased the demand for food in China.


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