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Furthermore, teachers have the opportunity to respond to students’ writing directly on the website and to create pre-made feedbacks for the most common mistakes e.g.

[/grid] [grid w=full][writers][/grid] [grid w=narrow] [short_code_type_2] Opinions on the use of Turn It In and other types of anti-plagiarism software are divided.

Of the 23 sources, Turn It In identified only eight.

However, it produced six other sources that Schorn didn’t use to create these essays.

Here’s a good thing about Turn It In, the feedback sent to teachers doesn’t say some parts of the text were plagiarized, it simply says they are similar to other sources.

The tool also uses color codes to distinguish unoriginal content in the text which allows teachers to work with students who struggle with quotations and paraphrasing.One of the most popular anti-plagiarism tools in the world is, definitely, Turn It In is quite simple; students submit their papers through the tool’s official website.After that, Turn It In’s algorithms compare strings of text against its database that includes works and articles published online as well as papers that students submitted to the website.For example, Turn It In can be used to explain students what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. There are, also, students and teachers who appreciate the detailed feedback Turn It In provides.This is particularly useful because a vast majority of students find it difficult to differentiate paraphrasing vs. The tool makes it easier for teachers to assess students’ works, while students get a detailed insight that helps them correct their mistakes in future projects.There are, also, free tools that can help you improve writing skills and avoid plagiarism. Nor can it prove that a student has not plagiarized.Yes, Turn It In just removes your name, but the text you wrote stays in its database.Then, the teacher gets a report with percentage of the paper that matched other sources in the website’s database.It’s largely used by schools and universities to check the originality of students’ submissions.The software is very simple; upon the submission of the work it compares the text to sources in its massive database and sends Similarity and Originality report.


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