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Many people were drinking all over from adsense to elders.

Many people were drinking all over from adsense to elders.People took it out of control and started taking abuse on it and made serious problems like corruption, child abuse, crime, unemployment, and worker safety. This was around the time when divorce wasn’t around and women couldn’t leave the men because of their addiction.

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Bernard Shah, a famous English writer, has condemned the use of liquor severely.

Then it becomes the master and the man its slave, a fall from which he would never rise again. Prophet Mohammad was categorical in calling it a taboo for Muslims.

The women of Andhra Pradesh launched an effective campaign against the habit of drinking.

In response to this agitation the Telugu Desam government introduced prohibition in Andhra Pradesh.

By them doing this made america change there mind about prohibition.

The men that were trying to do this were gangsters, Stubner 2 racketeer, bootleggers, and the dope sellers. All types of guys were known as something, meaning the gangsters were know as a mobster, and a racketeer was a person who was often involved in exchanging money.

The points are (1) Discontinuing advertisements on drinks (2) Stoppage of drinking in public places, (3) Banning liquor shops, (4) Refusing permission to open new liquor shops, (5) Declaring ‘Pay Days’ as dry days, (6) Punishing government servants who drink, (7) Strict restrictions on drivers and pilots, (8) No liquor shops on the wayside, (9) No licence for distillation or brewing liquor, (10) Leaders sto set example by not drinking.

Even non-congress governments like the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagan (AIDMK) government led by M. Some State governments have also adopted a 12 point programme for implementing prohibition.

This document explains prohibition by showing actions, that drunks took to get what they wanted.

The moves that these men took were a reason why america changed there mind on the Prohibition Law.(DOCUMENT A) Throughout 1900­1953 there were more homicides with prohibition then there was when World War 1 and World War 2 was going on.


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