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It is the idea that people have knowledge about themselves that rises above or goes beyond the five senses.The man credited with leading this revolutionary movement was Ralph Waldo Emerson.

These groups then create dogmas and doctrines that are to be followed and perceived as true.

From the doctrines rituals and rites form leading to a sense of unity through initiation.

Once a person is initiated they are granted membership into the religion and are given a sense of belonging.

The sense of being part of a bigger picture is a commonality found in all humans.

The usual uniting factor that binds people to a religion is the belief in the same higher being, usually called God, or Gods....

[tags: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Transcendentalism] - Nature is an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson where he discusses the symbolism that exists in nature, its manifestations, and the ongoing development of nature toward higher forms.

(1) In 1832, Emerson spent time in Europe with literary scholars, developing the ideas and notions of spirituality that are found in his compilation of essays titled Nature....

[tags: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Transcendentalism, Concord] - Religion is generally viewed as a common belief shared by a group of people.

That same year [1829] he married his wife, who died of tuberculosis just three years later.

Emerson found himself in an immense state of grief and ended up stepping down from his clergy status.


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