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Tarsus was a fusion of civilizations at peace under the rule of Rome” (Pollock 4) “Saul was a freeborn Roman citizen, and a Jew.

Tarsus was a fusion of civilizations at peace under the rule of Rome” (Pollock 4) “Saul was a freeborn Roman citizen, and a Jew.” (Buckmaster 2) Being a Roman citizen Paul had two names.He risked his life trying to share the belief Christianity all over the world.

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Tarsus did not grant Roman citizenship for every citizen that resided there.

If a citizen of Tarsus was from a family of social standing of four generations or more, they were generally granted citizenship status.

Mars’ Hill was a place where, “All the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing” (Acts ).

These Athenians and strangers included philosophers, theologians, theorists, truth-seekers, dreamers, and realists who sought to explain how someone should perceive their life in general when worshipping their god or gods.

Over a quarter of a million people resided there due to the abundance of work and the excellent quality of life.

Tarsus was a lodestar for merchants, philosophers, and the footloose rich who traveled tirelessly in pursuit of the sights” (Buckmaster 1) Tarsus was a very wealthy place mainly because of its trade.He was very essential for the faith of Christianity.One way he was important (later on in life) was his upbringing as a Jew, and his miraculous conversion to Christianity.Paul learned to debate in the question-and-answer style know to the ancient world as the “diatribe,” and to expound, for a rabbi was part lawyer who prosecuted or defended those who broke the sacred Law, and part teacher.” (Pollock 6, 7) He studied the Hebrew bible and also was educated in ethics, Greek writings and philosophy.“Paul was probably born sometime between the years 3 and 15 A. ” (Buckmaster 1) Paul was born on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in a Provence named Tarsus.Tarsus was a very large and important trade center under the rule of Rome.One name would show heritage apart from Rome, and the other name would show the Roman heritage.Paul’s Roman name was Saul Paulus; Saul was Hebrew and Paulus was Roman. ” He was born into his Jewish heritage because his family converted to Judaism well before he was born.When Paul saw the inscription “to the unknown God” (Acts ), it offered him an opportunity to preach in the very same place where everything under the sun was heard and discuss the story of Jesus.By engaging them in their realm, Paul appealed to their intellect while directing their hearts to the Gospel. Adams states, “Like all philosophies, these were no more effective than the foundation on which they are built.


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