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Be sure to cite each reference appropriately (either MLA or APA format) so that you don’t lose points.Avoiding Common Approaches The two common approaches for this topic are: These topics are all fairly fresh and haven’t been written to death.

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Use Studies and Experiments to Help The most important thing with a school uniform essay is referring to professional studies on the topic.

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, you can be sure that your teacher has read hundreds and maybe even thousands of essays similar to what you will write.

Your goal with this essay isn’t to prove your point.

Opponents of mandatory uniforms may say that students who wear school uniforms cannot express their individuality. However, as stated previously, school Is a place to learn, not to flaunt wealth and fashion. The writer gives a refutation of the counterargument (shows that it is wrong).

Society must decide if individual expression through clothing is more valuable than improved educational performance. Topic sentence: Paragraphs 2, 3, 4 each give a reason for requiring school uniforms. Supporting sentences: In paragraph 4, what supporting information does the writer give to show that uniforms make students equal? Which paragraph presents a counterargument (an argument that is contrary to, or the opposite of, the writer’s opinion)?


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