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Essays On The Poem My Papa'S Waltz-22
Lawrence 's "piano" seems a little dream, because men were brought back by their songs as children.

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Both fathers love their children, but they express different ways.

In "My Dad's Waltz", the lecturer said that his father's hand was "dirty" (Roethke 14).

Speakers of both works reviewed the relationship with their fathers mainly when they were children.

Since the fathers of these poems have their own way of expressing love, we have made the relationship with my son unusual.

His father served them, worked hard to play with the children, and showed that he loved his family.

This whole poem shows a fun game time for my father and son.

By the words, it’s observed that the waltz is one kind of violent act.

This waltz that is used in the poem is not the joyful one but the bad experience of the kid with his drunken father who abuses him during his drunken position (Roethke).

Even though his father drank enough whiskey to "get dizzy" (Roethke 2), his son likes to be with him.

Theodore Roethke's "My Papa's Waltz" and Robert Hayden's "Winter Sundays" are poetry depicting the relationship between my father and my son.


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