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The Spanish Civil War began in 1936 when the Spanish military, led by Francisco Franco, rebelled against the Spanish government.The military factions led by Franco became known as the Nationalists and received their aid from Hitler and Mussolini.Ironically, the Republican faction formed from what was left of the Spanish government received most of their aid from the Soviet Union.

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Germany was a major supplier in army and armaments because, in preparation of the Second World War, he wanted to test his new equipment.

The Nationalists, as the rebels were called, received aid from fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

The Republicans received aid from the Soviet Union, as well as from International Brigades, composed of volunteers from Europe and the United States.

Consequently, people were 'invited' to oppose the system without excluding violence.

Spain, once rich and powerful, had been in decline for centuries as it was a rural and pre-industrial country, and underdeveloped compared to the other major countries. Middle Under King Alfonso XII, Spain was far from modernization, the war in Morocco ended unsuccessfully and, after a series of unsuccessful governments, no resistance was made in response to De Rivera's coup of 1923.


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