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This Code is not intended to be, nor is it, an immutable document.Circumstances may arise that are not covered by this Code or that may call for modification of some aspect of this Code.CASRO’s mission is to provide the environment and leadership that will advance the integrity, quality, and best interests of research businesses, as well as the U. CASRO works with national and international associations to support and improve the integrity and quality of research across geographic and cultural borders.

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The Standards Committee and the Board of Directors of CASRO will evaluate these circumstances as they arise and, if appropriate, revise the Code.

The Code, therefore, is a living document that seeks to be responsive to the changing world of research, while setting forth important principles that should inform the judgment and behavior of research organizations based on the ethical spirit of the code, even in circumstances for which definitive standards have not been updated or articulated.

In this situation, research participation is voluntary and is always based on informed consent.

With individuals must be: (a) willing participants in the research process; (b) appropriately informed (about the intentions of the research and how their personal information and responses will be used and protected); and (c) treated respectfully, in such a way as to maximize the likelihood that they will be satisfied with the experience and willing to participate in research in the future. research participation in public spaces, individuals may not be aware that their behavior is being observed and recorded and obtaining permission typically is not possible.

(1) to validate interviews and/or (2) to determine an additional fact of analytical importance to the study (including the practice of appending client-owned database information to the research organization's data file as an analytic aid).

Where additional inquiry is indicated, research participants must be given a sound reason for the re-inquiry; a refusal by the participant to continue must be respected.In either circumstance of research participation, the research relationship between the research organization and the research participant is defined by, and limited to, the gathering of information.Research Organizations must take all reasonable efforts to ensure that there is no harm, harassment, or direct action taken against the individual based on his or her participation (active or passive) in research.DOWNLOAD PDF OF CODE Introduction CASRO is the national association established in 1975 to represent the U. research industry and those organizations engaged in the conduct, support, or education of market, opinion, and social research, often described as data analytics, consumer insights, or business intelligence.CASRO’s member organizations, which reflect about 85% of U. annual research revenues, are represented in CASRO by the Chief Executives and other corporate officers, serving on CASRO’s Board and leading CASRO’s initiatives and events. CASRO advances the business of research through mandatory and enforceable standards, guidance and guidelines, education and information resources, and self-regulation in research process, practice, and performance.In this situation, if the individual’s personal identity and/or personally-identifiable information are obtained in the process of observation or online data collection, the research organization shall protect the privacy and security of that information as required by law, this Code, and the standards of professional research practice.If personally-identifiable information cannot be de-identified, the research organization must delete the personal data or seek informed consent from the individual for any further research or data record use.Indata collection in non-public spaces, the research participant must be appropriately notified and permission obtained whenever possible.However, in cases where PII is collected in non-public spaces, the research participant must always be appropriately notified and his/her permission obtained.Preamble Research organizations have ethical and legal responsibilities to research participants.These ethical and legal responsibilities must be disclosed to research participants, thereby forming a "chain of trust” relationship between research organizations and research participants.


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