Financial Problem Solving

If you want to take control of your finances, choose between three, six and twelve month time periods.This will allow you to adjust your goals so that you can repay all of your debts but still be able to have a normal life.Do not go quiet and don’t think that this is going to help matters.

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Plans come in all shapes and sizes and we all know how easy it is to dream up a plan but following it through is another issue.

Here is an example – let’s say that one of your problems is you cannot save money.

If you are a regular borrower, ask them to waive a late fee so that you can get your house in order.

· Ask for a payment extension: You could ask your lender if you could have a payment extension.

You should be realistic about how long it will take you to pay off your debts if this is your problem.

Like in reality so that you can achieve your goals.Solving financial problems is one way that you can get yourself back on track when it comes to your personal finances.Take a look at our guide to get the ball rolling on tackling financial issues in your life: Everyone is different when it comes to money and saving.FEPS also provides information and assistance to colleagues in other non-profit community organizations and offers workshops for community members.The program also plays a role in identifying financial policy issues that adversely affect low-income people, and aims to facilitate positive change.Whether you overspend on lattes or you spend too much money buying gadgets, you should assess the impact of your spending on your future dreams.For spenders, try and cut back on spending on things that you do not need to buy.You do not think you can borrow from a friend or family and you definitely do not have any money saved.When you write down the word ‘SOLUTION’ on a piece of paper, here are the actual real solutions you have: · Call your direct lender: Your lender can be sympathetic if you are in regular communication with them.This includes advocacy, developing new financial tools and/or proposing policy alternatives.Financial problems come in many sizes and they affect people from all walks of life.


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