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“I once had a student who told me that they would be deported back to their own country where they would likely be executed as a political traitor, IF they got an F in EOS 101,” he wrote.“Needless to say that student spent another three successful years at Duke and ultimately graduated—with an F in EOS 101.” Many of these excuses aren’t relatable to the general Duke population—not everyone can claim their royal status as an excuse to miss an assignment deadline.At Duke, students will do—or say—whatever it takes to get a passing grade.

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Therefore, you can turn in as few as three homework assignments and still get full credit for homework.

Late homework will be graded so you can learn from your mistakes, but the score will not count. I have learned from my years of teaching that students are terrible drivers.

However, a select few are gross, outlandish or embarrassing enough to really stick with professors.

Connel Fullenkamp, professor of the practice of economics, wrote that he’s had some students cite their court dates as reasons for missing homework.

Gustafson wrote that he had a student miss a lab because they were at “the finals table of a major Texas Hold’em poker tournament.” Another time, a student wrote him a matter-of fact excuse.

“For test 2 I will not be here,” the student wrote, according to Gustafson.

Nevertheless, a handful of professors did reply with their favorite excuses. Royalty and fencing Some students have legitimate reasons why they have to turn in homework late or miss an exam—it just so happens that those reasons are somewhat out of the ordinary.

Typically, going home doesn’t get students off the hook for their assignments.

What makes for a good excuse for not having your homework done on time?

Once upon a time, "the dog ate my homework" might have worked.


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