Hamlet Critical Essay

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For if not, then his 'antic disposition' doesn't hide true madness leading to failure to get revenge. Middle He tells her that women are just acting, however this time not in a good sense.

He sees their 'painting' of a new 'face' as an act against God to assist them in their 'wanton' lives which makes 'me mad'.

Hamlet has been made very anti-women because of his mother and says 'frailty thy name is woman' suggesting he considers the female sex to be weaker and more calculating.

Act three Scene Four is another scene staged by Claudius and Polonius. Taking place in Gertrude's bedroom after Hamlet has considered killing Claudius.

He is very emotional from this and it leads to him committing a murder in this scene.

Hamlet begins very convinced and triumphant that the Ghost was not lying leading him to feel elated which can be seen in his singing.Hamlet spends the play trying to avenge his father's death and it is questionable to whether he does.In this essay I aim to examine Hamlet's state of mind and personality within four incidents.To analyse the changes in the character of Hamlet it must first be considered how he deals with the news of his father's death before further revelations are revealed and then track his thoughts and actions as the play progresses.It must be determined if there is evidence of Hamlet being suicidal over the death of his father without such events as his 'antic disposition' in the way.He seems to not be acting mad and the very next opportunity he has to kill the King is seized however, it may not be revenge because Hamlet knows that he is dying.This may be what causes him to be able to act finally.Having seen Hamlet's earlier ideas that death ends suffering he would not have wanted Claudius to be free from his sins and Hamlet views it as more revengeful to let him live, for a while.Although, it can be evidence for the procrastinating nature of Hamlet I think it is very cold and calculated. Introduction 'Hamlet' 'Hamlet' is a play written by William Shakespeare in late 15th or early 16th century.The main character Hamlet faces many difficulties, which cause him to doubt life, question death and look at human characters.


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