How To Write A Paper Without Plagiarizing

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When you copy others' works, you are not only imitating but plagiarizing. By becoming a member of this portal, teachers can get unlimited access to their services and check all the papers plagiarized and non-plagiarized essay papers of their students.In just one click, teachers will be able to identify the level of plagiarism that the students committed, which specific parts are copied and where was it copied from.Ultimately, you will have a good example to peep in while writing your own story.

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By looking closely at the citations, references or bibliography of the paper and at the same time by evaluating the quality of writing of the students, teachers will be able to compare school non-plagiarized essays to plagiarized ones, and verify if there is consistency with the students' quality of work.

With the time they have spent working as educators, and with tons of plagiarized and non-plagiarized essays they have been checking everyday, it could not be denied that they easily recognized papers which cited information and did not provide the original source.

Only this way you will be able to avoid plagiarism in your text.

If you cannot remember something significant, read the entire reference again, than put it aside and try to compose your variant one more time. If you mentioned a reference in your paper, place a parenthetical citation right after the last sentence.

Understanding of the information is a prerequisite for being able to acknowledge it and put in your own words.

Now you should write an introductory part of your paper.

It should be remembered that plagiarism is a crime.

If you are caught doing this act, you can be punished by the law.

That’s why you should make up a clue and plan the line of thinking.

It will determine what the order of events in your paper will be.


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