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The door is also mentioned later on in the novella where it's referred to, "two door's from one corner", seemingly an oxymoron where the door can be interpreted as two physical entrances to the Jekyll residence which Hyde uses, but also the mental entrance to Jekyll's 'good' side and Hyde's 'bad' side placed next to each other to symbolize the two halves of Jekyll's human nature.The simple name "Hyde" which consists of a single syllable is a good way to name the character, and they're many ways where this is evident, one of those is: "Jekyll", consists of two syllables so "Hyde", implying that Hyde, is hidden or 'hides' within Jekyll however it could also symbolize half of what Jekyll is, Jekyll's 'bad' side. Conclusion Also they mention, 'door' which becomes more important as the story goes on proving to be of use to Hyde and Jekyll as a physical and theological escape to each other's acts.Jekyll thought that by having another option that can be able to separate the two will purify both elements but instead it succeeded in bringing his dark side.

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The novel has impacted significantly on the society such that the phrase “Jekyll and Hyde” means someone with the different moral character during different situations. Hyde comes out after the last chapter when the complete relationship is revealed.

The novel through its two main characters centers upon humanity as being dual in nature. Jekyll assumes that man is truly two and never one and thinks that the human soul is a battleground between angel and friend with the motive of being in command.

Jekyll asserts that "man is not truly one, but truly two," implying that everyone has two parts to their personality, 'Good' and 'Bad' instead of just yourself and he imagines the human soul as the battleground for an "angel" and a "fiend," both opposing forces each struggling for mastery.

The novella tackles many different theories that circulated at the time.

According to the remarks made by observers, Hyde appears 'repulsively ugly' and 'deformed', 'small', 'shrunken', and 'hairy': these adjectives symbolize his moral hideousness and warped ethics.

The connection between such ugliness and Hyde's wickedness might have been seen as more than symbolic.Jekyll mainly explains their story and that he will transform into Hyde again, soon and will not be able to stop it.The idea of Jekyll and Hyde is for the reader to think about the two different sides to human nature, and how things can 'possibly' go wrong when you lose all control over the 'evil' side of your personality, as inevitably happens in the novella. Many people believed in the science of physiognomy, which was, that someone could identify a criminal by physical appearance.His hairiness may indicate that he is not so much an evil side of Jekyll as the embodiment of Jekyll's instincts, the animalistic core beneath Jekyll's polished exterior, another point is where Stevenson gives the door Hyde enters, human qualities such as calling it, "sinister", which is an example of personification.Women in nature are weak in both mind and physicality but are sensible when working with some people.One can argue that, Jekyll, who thought that man is truly two but at the end, he witnesses only one side, is because he didn’t have a female counterpart to help him go through with the dark sides of Hyde.Robert Louis Stevenson's believed that people had a dual personality and this is echoed in the novella.The inspiration for the novella could have come from many different people and events, most notably: a dream that Stevenson had repeatedly as a child relevant event about Deacon Brody who was a cabinet maker by day and murderer by night.In the novel very few references have been made regarding women.The women to be mentioned in the story have been perceived to be weak and unassuming.


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