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However, the leaders in the organization failed in some way since they failed to enact the skilful leadership guidelines as they concentrated on their capacity as team leaders rather an interactive approach.

The organization also failed to develop since one of the leader died and he had not,” enabled others to act” under his capacity.

The book triggers a personal experience I had in my organization whereby.

The organization had the duty to restore peace in the affected community.

In this book, “Kouzes, James M, & Posner, Barry Z (editors). San Francisco: Josses-Bass, 2004,” the writers show us the various ways to overcome these challenges.

The book provides an exemplary guide on how to approach the leadership challenge as a leader and come up with a pattern like the one used by Jesus Christ.

Simply put, their goal is They want to extend their influence to as many people as possible. But Jesus had a much different leadership strategy. On more than one occasion, after performing a jaw-dropping miracle, he told those who witnessed it, “Tell no one what you have seen” (see e.g., Matthew 8:4; ; 17:9; Mark ; ; 9:9; Luke ; and ). Instead, Jesus focused on true Within seven generations (318 A.

D.), the emperor Constantine accepted his message and made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.

The book goes further to give detailed information on the way to apply these recommendations.

It starts on how to model the way in the organization.


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