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You can download "Notes for the Teacher" as a file by clicking on the musical note at the beginning of this paragraph.he overall goal of this five-lesson series is to help students develop conceptual frameworks and critical thinking skills that will empower them to compose strong and effective thesis statements for their own writing.

MP3 player or CD player with speakers or headphones.

All students should be able to hear the demonstration songs, and students should be given the option to share their self-selected song with group members.

Students should be advised to select a song that is appropriate for a school setting and that contains an obvious chorus.

Students will also need to complete a homework assignment, “Song Chorus — Independent Work.” The assignment sheet is available for download at the end of this lesson plan.

The second inside circle will then listen to and discusses the next two songs.

For each song, students will discuss the meaning of the song, the purpose of the song, and the function or role of the chorus.

The chorus usually conveys the songwriter’s purpose for writing the song.

A song’s chorus serves as a guide to help the listener understand the songwriter’s purpose and message.

They will discuss an essential question: Does the chorus function effectively or ineffectively?

Finally, students will apply their terminology/classification system and their evaluation criteria to thesis statements in order to determine the similarities and differences between these two devices.


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