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Image of the symbol Lord of the Flies originally emerged unspeakably – it finds manifestation in boys’ fear and their feeling of some “beast.” Imaginary “beast” is generated by fear, which by its nature has two sides: state of fear and act of self-preservation.In both manifestations, fear gives a push to cruelty, violence, and blood.For example, a conch found by Ralph and Piggy acquires the meaning of symbol while becoming a horn which unites and summons children – it embodies the principles of civilization, law, and equality.

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Charles Brian Cox said, “its exceptional strength stems from the fact that Golding believes: every detail of human life has a religious significance”While writing the story the author wanted to show that evil is something external to human nature and looked for the extent to which the human soul is free from evil.

Author’s thoughts about the prevailing of evil in humanity and the fragility of modern civilization have found their reflection in a story about a group of boys stranded on a desert island.

There are many technical devices used in this roman.

Golding use of symbolism is one the most important instrument during the whole book.

These glassesare important because they are the source of fire. Conclusion Jack has a knife, symbolizing irrationality, savagery and barbarism.

This contrasts with conch, located centrally at Ralph, which of course stands for democracy.

Each character represents his own specific position (side of the human soul) in the struggle between two worlds – the world of savagery and the common-sense world.

But the main conflict of the novel occurs between Ralph and Jack, who are shown as two different characters, two opposite personality types.

is the debut allegoric novel written by William Golding, which has not become too popular after it was published.

But after a while, it became a bestseller and was called one of the most significant novels written in the English language, due to the problems it highlights, and a strong moral.


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